Big result

When I got home from the grocery yesterday, I found two 9-year old boys and a broken bike on my doorstep. The chain had come off. They tried to fix it but it was clear they didn’t know how.

Before I knew it I was on my knees, helping them turn the bike upside down. It took us at least 5 minutes – I am not at all handy and I had to dig deep to get to the bike-mending area of my brain – but eventually the three of us booked success. Hands covered in chain oil, but we got the chain back on.

The boys thanked me and continued there bike-trip around the block. I searched for my keys, picked up my shopping bags and went inside.

Of all the things I’ve done this week, these 5 minutes of spontaneously getting my hands dirty were the best. Moments like these put a smile on my face for at least a couple of days.

Tiny little things, biggest results.