A Heart A Day #45

Confetti is one of the happiest things on the planet and I love making it. Thinking of confetti as “a mess” is not in my system – when people bring that on as a reason not to sprinkle confetti, my brain just suffers a little black out… Confetti can, in at least 97% of the cases, brighten up my day. Now today did not need brightening up for me, but maybe someone’s out there who may need some cheer! Here you go, a home-made-confetti heart, I hope this helps :-) 


A Heart A Day #15

This was day 15. And here is the heart I created for you. 

For those who know me, it’s no surprise I used discodip. Me and discodip are best of friends. It makes me happy like a child. And that’s what I love, being in touch with my inner child. There was a time I hated it, thought I was childish (true, at times). But I discovered that being in touch with that inner child made me happy, creative and connect with my authentic me. So I’m embracing it, these days, I’m compassionate towards my inner child. And it’s so good!

Why don’t you have a go at it? 

[I love love and I love hearts! But oh, this world needs more visible love. So let’s change that, step by step. Away with pessimism. Away with hate. Let’s fill this world with love. And hearts! To show compassion towards each other, towards the planet, towards ourselves. It proves to be difficult for so many of us. But instead of judging it’s more meaningful to show love, to respond with love, to act out of love. Say it with hearts.

So I’m sharing A Heart A Day. Every day I will draw, stitch, paint or otherwise create a heart and post it on this blog. Will you help me make love and hearts spread like a contagious but healthy disease?]