Collect moments

Another year’s come and gone. An eventful year, 2015. As a new tradition, started in 2014, I collected moments throughout 2015.

Happy moments.
Beautiful moments.
Touching moments.
Mind-blowing moments.
Gestures of friends, total strangers.
Special things I experienced.
Surprising encounters.

Whatever floated my boat, made my heart jump, widened my smile, showed me beauty in everyday life. Things to read back on the last day of the year. It’s a great way to not only be more grateful throughout the year, but it’s an amazing way to kick-start the new year.
Why? When reading through your moments on New Year’s Day, you will realise it was quite a good year. All the beautiful moments and your very own achievements, all in one year? Pretty wow! Now imagine you enter the new year feeling like that, ready to collect more moments. Sounds good huh? In my blog post A Year in A Jar you can read how to.


The jar.

I’ve been doing this for 1,5 years now – the last days of the new year my tummy starts gathering butterflies. The excitement to open the jar and let all the moments sink in, again. It is wonderful!

Today I did this again. In total I collected 52 moments – that’s one special moment per week! Going through all the pieces of paper I felt so happy and proud. My smile grew, my heart opened up. Some moments I forgot about and it was so good to be reminded of them again. It showed me how much I’ve grown. In only one year. It brought back the powerful encounters, the smile of a strangers, the good deeds I did, the love I received from dear ones.

With all these beautiful memories I’m ready to dance the night away. But most of all I feel ready for the new year ahead, 2016.

Wishing you all a new year filled with wonderful moments.


I know that happy and new this year will be

2014 – tick!

Yesterday I told you about my “2014 in a jar”. Today I opened the jar and read all the pieces of paper. Even though 2014 seemed to be the toughest year to have tackled in a while, I can happily say it was quite a fulfilling year and I  managed to notice and collect a lot of beautiful moments.

2014 felt to me as though I stood still. Even took steps back. But no. Turns out I’ve achieved a lot. For instance, I flew a kite on Parliament Hill with my beloved friend M. and painted my bedroom door. I gave my egg&bacon sandwich to a guy sleeping rough. Two little boys had trouble getting the chain back on their bike and so I decided to get my hands dirty to help them.

The Kite. Parliament Hill.

The Kite. Parliament Hill.

I had my first cards printed and yet another bunch are ready to be printed in the new year. Friends have been a huge part of 2014 too: helping, listening, being there for them. Appreciation, support, trust and true friendship in return. One friend even hid money at several spots in my house. Ha!

It seems I’ve overcome a few self-confidence thresholds too, which has led to taking steps I never believed I could and results I never believed would be mine to enjoy.

A friend knew I needed this.

A friend knew I needed this.

All together, 2014 may have been a tough one to tackle. But I did, I ticked this year off my to-do-list. And going through all these moments gives me confidence for yet another year.

Sending you all confidence for 2015 too. Happy New, dear readers!


A year in a jar

Every year I’m surprised. All news channels look back on the year and it turns out I’ve forgotten at least 95% of it. Largely. Besides the feeling of surprise, it makes me feel a little ignorant, too.

However, these news channels all show why my brain banished most of those news items, as most are terrible tragedies and other depressing facts. But it’s not only these facts that I seem to have forgotten. Also the good things that happened, the beautiful moments that popped up along the road I travelled during that year – blurry memories as well… That saddens me a bit as it occurs to me that remembering such things could give a nice positive boost at the start of the new year!

So this year I started my 2014-in-a-jar. I found the idea somewhere on the internet and immediately decided that was going to be the trick for me.

It’s easy as one-two-three. You can make it yourself. Use an old jam jar. Or a weck jar. Maybe you’re more the box-type. Shoe-boxes may do, too! There are no rules.


If you feel totally lost at only the thought of that jar, here are some guidelines. Just to help.

A few guide lines...

This is how it works…


My weck jar has really helped me become more aware of interesting moments and beautiful happenings. It absolutely is a good way to stand still and see what you have. To realise it’s not all that black and negative. And to be thankful for it.

Tomorrow I will open my weck jar and carefully read the collected moments. I will use them to write a short review on my 2014. Then the jar will be ready for 2015.

And so will I.


Minimalism for the material soul

This is going to be an amazing blog post. Sit back and read.

I started this post in January 2014. In the paper I read a brilliant piece on minimalism. It had links to blogs of people who live the minimalist life to the fullest. It had a scheme for beginning minimalists saying things like:

“I never use this > True > throw/give away”

Scheme at hand I decided to give it a go. How difficult could it be. Starting with a decent Spring cleaning.

September 2014 and this same decent Spring cleaning is still ongoing. “If she’s still cleaning, how big is her house?!” Yes, I can read your minds. I understand that some of you may have assumed that by now, due to this Spring-cleaning-mania, my house is empty and all I have left is my laptop, tooth brush and memories… Well. Let’s say I kept the article safe as a guide line. And I can’t find it anymore. Not because it ended up in the paper waste containers, no.

Maximalist's table.




























[ My dining table in its usual state. You can’t eat at it. It’s my creating table including creative chaos. ]

Old postcards from gran or notes from my mum. A toothbrush. Yes… A bucket filled with brooches and my first (and only) Polly Pocket. Just a few things I came across since I started my Spring Cleaning last January. Hoarder isn’t the right word, I keep telling myself. I like to think I’m a collector. And the thought of blaming my mum for that, I like even better. After all, she comes with new items for my antique glassware collection every now and…often. She’s a bit like a feeder! Feeding a hoarder in my case. Of course, I realise, I’m the one holding on to it. Key words of this post: holding. on. Or better: letting go.

I find it difficult to let go; of the past, of things, memories. It’s all connected. Throwing my first diary away is equal to erasing my past. Parting from the second diary equals parting from the past that followed. Apart from 5 pages diary number three is empty. But that is no excuse!
And yes, I know clinging onto the past isn’t always a good idea. Having memories is one thing, but it’s not always necessary to have a material link to that memory. Slowly – baby steps! – I’m accepting this. I still can’t help myself taking things of the “give-away” pile to place them back onto the “decide-later” pile. It’s a process, right? I’m learning. I don’t have to have a minimalist’s house by next week.
Even better, I’ll probably never become a true minimalist. I mean, look at the number of words I use before I even get to a conclusion. But after 9 months of Spring cleaning I can see now that clearing out does have perks. For one thing, whilst clearing out I clear my mind I literally get rid of ugly memories and other things I don’t need at this point in life. Lovely! For another, I sometimes make other people happy with the things I decided to get rid and that is always fun. So I’m not going to turn my back on the thought of Minimalism. I’m going to stick to and follow my own material roads to minimalism and I hereby name it Slow Minimalism. Minimalism for the material soul. At Tessie’s Projects I will share my experiences and tips with the fellow material minded. Told you this post was going to be amazing.


Enough written. My Winter cleaning is about to commence. I’ll leave you with a reading tip: the blog Minimal even in its lay out and choice of words. The truths in the blog posts are a joy to me and food for thought. Read the home page!


Friendly Files

On my computer is a folder. It’s called Friendly Files.
In here I collect the best moments and pictures of my friends, I note down things they said that are worth more than gold and ideas I have for their birthday presents. There’s even a drunk video in one of those folders. My friend now knows it still exists and will quite probably try and hijack my laptop.

Friendly Files

I like to see it as a kind of diary. Nothing obsessive.
Sometimes I scroll through the pages and read back funny moments and special conversations.
It always reminds me of how blessed I am to have these people in my life.
How special it is that they allow me into their lives.




And always, always I giggle at the thought of what I could do with those pictures on their Wedding Days…