Palmtrees and mistletoe

Dear reader,

The Netherlands is expecting a lukewarm and windy Christmas. Is it snowing yet where-ever you are? Or perhaps you’ve just finished putting up the Christmas baubles in your palmtree?

No matter what the weather will be, I’m wishing you a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS surrounded by loved ones and leaving you with warm memories! And of course lots of cheeky kisses under the mistletoe…

Happy Christmas from my mistletoe and I...

Happy Christmas from my mistletoe and I…

Tessie’s Christmas cards!

Ladies and gentlemen, they’re here: Tessie’s Christmas cards. Double cards printed on 100% eco-friendly paper, with envelopes, designed by me. These 6 different designs are ready for you to send and for the receiver to dig up the pencils and colouring skills!

Here they are, six different designs.

Here they are, six different designs.

Secretly, I am a little proud. And very happy with the result, beautifully done by Pantheon.
While the Christmas cards are selling, I’ll continue drawing. In the new year I hope to show you the designs for other occasions which I started a while back.


Go to my little corner shop on Etsy for a closer look at all 6 cards.