A December gift for you!

When I started this blog I didn’t think anyone would read my figments. Except my parents.
When I listed my cards on Etsy I didn’t think anyone would buy them. Except my parents.

Turns out I was wrong. You read my blog, that’s for sure. And I even sold Christmas cards to people who – for all I know – weren’t my parents!

Here they are, six different designs.

Them cards.

Now it’s December. The month of giving and loving and caring. So I decided I wanted to give something too. Well, I always want to give, but December makes it a bit easier and I specifically wanted to give something to you readers.

I calculated a bit. I thought some things through. Other things I didn’t think through.

1. It appears 47% of my readers are Dutch (or: based in The Netherlands). Not surprising; I am, after all, Dutch.
2. On December 5th the Dutch Santa has his birthday and gives presents. Galore.
3. Giving away cards for free is not a budget-option.
4. Free shipping costs, however, is.

An idea:
From December 1st until December 5th 2014 the shipping costs are free for all people living in and ordering from The Netherlands.

The idea grew:
Why just one country? Why not make it a Top-5? I love Top-5’s! So, the 5 countries that hold the most readers…?

It finally resulted in this little thank-you-offer:
From December 1st until December 5th 2014 shipping costs for all orders from The Netherlands, USA, UK, Brazil and Australia are free. Hurrah!

Now, if you do not live in one of the afore mentioned countries, let me make it up to you a little bit by telling you I love and appreciate you dearly for visiting my blog. Thank you! Also, during December I will write and send my Christmas cards for you! No extra costs. Just add a note to your order with the address of the receiver and text you wish me to write down. And I will take care of it. You can pay a visit to my little Corner Shop right here.

Welcome to December everyone!


Isn’t she an Angel…?

PS: my beloved Christmas Angels will be back, fresh from the printers, tomorrow!

November round-up, December-focus

Tomorrow it will be December. We’re really nearing the end of 2014.

Today, however, it’s still November so let’s look back on that a little bit.

What a month it has been! Compared to October and its previous months November really has been my friend. Overall it was kind to me and filled with moments of tiny happiness.
I didn’t post too much of my own drawings, I realise that. My focus has, however, really been with drawing this whole month. Quite a big drawing project occupied my mind. It was so good to focus on that, to discover old passions and give it my all… Even my yoga class made me draw – and unravel myself a bit more.
November also helped me finish the quite big project – the printing of my first ever cards. For Christmas! It certainly won’t be my last printing project either.
The Channel 4 film about Patrick touched my heart so deeply, I had to share it with you. The joy on Patrick’s face, able to finally communicate! It “poked” another passion I once had: sign language.
An important part of drawing and creating is to have inspirers. People you look up to, you know. That make you want to challenge and improve yourself even more. Which, apart from the fact that I’m just madly in love with him, was the reason for me to tell you a bit about Dick Vincent. The artist that makes me happy! What do you think of his work?
As November is (usually) followed by December, Rebecca’s project drew my attention. AirmailChristmas is about connecting, caring and remembering. Which I believe is a perfect summary of what the month of December (and all months that follow) should be all about.

Boy, I needed November. It has left me quite impressed. The realisation that there still can be good weeks, months, periods. That the tendency of a low is “to be followed by good and happy times”. As that’s life.

With December knocking on our doors, now let’s make this new month about giving and loving and how we wish the world and ourselves to be. At least, that will be my December-focus.

Make December a good month!

Make December a good month!


A figment on tenderness

Even though one of my main blog subjects is ‘happiness’ I’m going to apologise beforehand as this post is going to be a bit of a vent. Towards some people. Of the GVB – the main public transport provider in the city of Amsterdam.
Avoiding this public transport is my aim. I’ll only take a tram or bus when it snows or rains too heavily to cycle. Or when I’m physically too exhausted to walk much or cycle at all.

Today, however, was a non-avoidance day. A hairdressers appointment most of the time is too exhausting to do the cycling to and fro. The whole washing-combing-uncomfy-chairs-and-lots-of-pulling-my-head drains me. Enough about that though. On my way back home something happened on the tram.

A little girl with the big pink bag got on the tram. Wide eyed she placed some money on the conductor’s counter.

I was too far away to overhear the conversation, but from the way the conductor started talking more loudly in Dutch with some English words flung around I made up that the girl wasn’t Dutch. Next thing I know, the girl was send off the tram at the following stop. Second next thing I know, I was too late to jump off the tram too to help her but not too late to see how she walked away upset. Crying, to be precise. The conductor, not at all sensitive for helpless young kids but sensitive enough to notice the critical looks from passengers, then explained to all who wanted to hear it how the girl was 11 (only 11!) and needed a parent with a special pass to be able to pay for a special discount fare for 4-11 years-old. The girl got the discount amount in cash. But no parent or chip card to actually get the discount. And so she had to pay the full fare for a one hour ticket, which is €2,80. Instead of the 34% discount that is given to 4-11 years, which would make the fare €1,85 (if I’m not mistaken…but even with the help of a calculator maths isn’t my strongest subject). GVB almost would have had a gap in today’s budget of €0,95. The girl probably had a €2,- coin with her, so the GVB’s loss could’ve been reduced to only €0,80…but let’s leave that bit of information aside. The girl didn’t speak Dutch. The girl was only 11. The girl even had some money with her.

Come on! COME THE FUCK ON! I don’t want to go all black and Goth or black and white about it, but this is what’s wrong with us humans. Exactly this!

At the next stop I jumped off. Walked back. Passed the stop where the girl got off. I looked for her. I wanted to help her. Take her by the hand, pay for the journey and bring her to B. No pink bag with little girl attached I found. So I walked the last 15 minutes home, not willing to contribute anymore to the GVB. At least not today.

Dear people, call me naïve… but for the love of Tea, is it really always necessary to be so strict?! Is it really impossible to sometimes turn a blind eye? Be kind to one another? Helpful? Are these little kids or homeless people that can’t pay (the full amount) for a ticket really such a threat for the GVB’s annual financial report? I mean, how often does this happen…I refuse to believe that situations like these, can bring a company down. Try a little tenderness, people. Please! I assure you it won’t kill you. Nor will you go bankrupt instantly.

Dear little girl with the big pink bag and tears rolling down your cheeks, I really hope you’ve made it from A to B in the end. And that while on your way to B, you met some warm and helpful people after all. We’re not all like that unwilling and witch-like conductor.