When the day is filled with small pleasures

Today was a good day.
Filled with small pleasures.
Scattered over the day.
Put them all together and it becomes one big happy mess!
See for yourself.

IMG_6064 (2)

It started with a delicious brunch with one of my sweet-mazing friends.
Followed by a stroll.
Meanwhile we sneaked in and out of the most lovely shops we stumbled upon.
And admired the shopfloors, accidentally decorated with Autumn leaves.


We then found a beautiful passion flower.
Because Summer isn’t all that long ago.
The sun even showed.

All this linked together with lots of laughter.

Today was a good day.



Yellow leaves

Just a thought on yellow leaves.

yellow leaves

I’m surprised at the number of trees that already show signs of Autumn during September’s first weeks.
Yellow leaves rapidly appear.
Some trees wait a bit longer with their changing of hue. But overall it’s pretty clear; the next season is approaching. Yellow stands for change of season; yellow flowers announce spring, yellow leaves announce the opposite.

Nature does the talking.