Some of my favourites…

A few of my all-time favourite things are listed here. Things that always brighten up my day. People that I find lovely, inspiring and/or fantastic. A gem of a song. Anything I find worth listing.

[ Magpie me ]

My friend stylist Emily Chalmers keeps on inspiring and amaze me. She styles, writes and owns the webshop Caravan. All hands for quirky and bohemian? This is where you need to be.

Ottomania, the shop I used to work for many moons ago, is the place to be for Turkish and Hamam products.

When in Amsterdam, come visit TOON. It’s a shop/second home/theatre/exhibition-3.0. You’ll love it. To me it’s a very special place, a it’s the first physical location selling my products.


[ More me ]

My London writings at If I were in London right now have taken a little time out, but for tips you can still check them of course.

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