Cycling home after a lovely afternoon spent with a friend on a terrace, I spotted an amazing sky!
However, sitting on my bike and holding a bottle of wine in one hand – no, I’m not an alcoholic drinking whilst cycling, I had just bought a bottle – I wasn’t really able to take a snap shot.
And okay, yes, I could have stopped.
But enjoying that sky, sun setting, the wind playing with my hair…
Not a fan of hassle, I simply couldn’t be bothered stopping.
I was enjoying the moment and still full of a lovely Saturday.
The moment, the feeling of contentment, mattered more than having it on film.

At home, browsing through my pictures, I remembered this one.

Sun setting Same street, Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam, couple of months ago.
Another enchanting sky.
A bit more cloudy than tonight’s sky.
But, you’ll get the picture.
And I’m happy with my decision of just enjoying the moment.

I got lost in the clouds tonight

While on my way to the train station I got lost in an amazing set of clouds. Due to the sun setting, the fierce clouds reflected an almost light yellow dreamy light. Any moment unicorns could descent from them. I missed two trains. Occupied by looking up. The overwhelming beauty of simply looking up! Paintings in the sky.
These clouds made me think of The Cloud Appreciation Society – indeed, they do exist and I love them dearly. It’s about actual clouds, up in the sky, with manifesto and all and they often keep me entertained on a rainy day. In their own words they’re “fighting the banality of ‘blue-sky thinking’”. I applaud thee.

A few snapshots of tonight’s clouds, although they hardly show the intensity of the real-time versions.IMG_5072

I've looked at cloudsIMG_5067