A Heart A Day #7

Day 7 has come and almost gone. Heart number 7 is here.
For me it was a day that showed me self-compassion doesn’t grow overnight. I knew that, yes, but my head wants results faster, now, yesterday instead of tomorrow. A reminder it was. Self-compassion, or more self-love, is my life long study and I’m aiming for a PhD. Expecting myself to go from non to 100% all at once, isn’t compassionate at all. So it’s clear I could definitely practise more kindness towards myself. All in my time.
I have, however, experienced that by being compassionate towards others and focussing on compassion all around me, self-compassion grows with it.

Making today’s heart gave me confidence that I’m getting there, in my time. Sometimes the waters are calm, other days they’re rough to swim. And that’s okay.


[I love love and I love hearts! But oh, there’s too little of it, this world needs more love. So let’s change that, step by step. Away with pessimism. Away with hate. Let’s fill this world with love. And hearts. To show compassion towards each other, towards the planet, towards ourselves. It proves to be difficult for so many of us. But instead of judging it’s more meaningful to show love, to respond with love, to act out of love. Say it with hearts.

I’m sharing A Heart A Day. Homemade. Every day I will create a heart and post it on this blog. Will you help me make love and hearts spread like a contagious but healthy disease?]

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