These streets are made for shopping #1

You’re a tourist in Amsterdam so you go to the Anne Frank Museum and you shop in the Kalverstraat. Right?


If you like to discover the real deal Amsterdam – nice bars, shops with character and other unique things that you never thought existed – you go to the shopping streets that are somewhat dangerous to shop. Because these are streets that have cars, bikes and some even trams you should look out for.
Of course there are many more places to shop and Kalverstraat seems safe, for it’s a pedestrian area and your brain recognises the brands amidst your lost-in-translation fog. But you’ll find the H&M in your home town too. However, the shops on the streets I’m going to show you at Tessie’s Projects probably won’t be found anywhere else (almost).

Grab your map and search for today’s street: Rozengracht. That’s where we’ll go.


Rozengracht. A busy street and from the perspective of the Dutch this is a very broad, almost Argentinan, lane. Don’t expect to be able to pop in and out of shops as the gems are spread out along the road. But on this busy road there is a lot of interior, design and inspiration to be found.

On the even side of the street mark these spots in neon colours on your map:

Nr. 58 Les deux frères. Something for the men. Brought to you by the brothers Alain and Matthieu. With the Swedish Happy Socks, scarves by Lovet & Green and much more. These guys really have some lovely brands waiting for you.

Nr. 104 De winkel van GUUS. Keen on green? Shop your gifts at GUUS. Just because you can.

Nr. 196 Nordic New. Well, a little Nordic design heaven. I can’t think of anything else to say. Most of all because I’ll be drooling all over their website again for the next couple of hours if I did start telling you about my love for this heaven…

Nr. 204 – 210 Hutspot. Enjoy Hutspot’s (named after the traditional Dutch one-pot dish, hotchpotch-like) rich mixture of design and new stuff. Hutspot offers a chance to artists and designers to expose their products and art to a larger audience. Each and every one of them has a corner to himherself. Many a shop within one shop.

Nr. 218 Vakhuis. A lovely workshop. Where owner and designer Sanne Klap works. And where she’s made room for other designers to exhibit their producst. Stop by and have a look.

Nr. 200 Urban Cocoa. Where they make chocolate. Lots of chocolate!


On the odd side of the street, mark the following numbers:

Nr. 191 – 193 SPRMRKT. Shortly: a concept store that sells clothes for men and women and books for everyone. And also houses pop-up events. Interesting to browse. Note from your author: although I find SPRMRKT an intriguing spot, I can imagine it may come across as a little too hipster-to-be-true. So be warned my friends.

Nr. 217 – De Vegetarische slager. They started in Den Haag. Their products may lie on the shelves of many of the Dutch supermarket these days, but it’s a Vegetarian Butcher so you should go and taste. The shop is beautiful. Really! And even if you believe you were born to be a carnivore, go and check it out.

Nr. 229-233 – Raw Materials. Here you’ll find the industrial, chunky materials that you expect for a shop named Raw Materials. Décor for the home. Whatever your style, you will find something you like.


Have a nice shopping day!

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