Combining it

My favourite colours are grey and a minty green.

That doesn’t mean my whole house is covered in grey and minty green paint (in fact my house still is more bright and multi-coloured than grey) but I’m heading there… That’s ok. Sweet and pastel. Calming. The colours really do make me happy and my house longs for a bit more unity, so that’s two birds. I just fear that it will all get too baby-bedroom-ish if I’m continuing this trend of mint and grey in my casa.

Yellow seems the perfect dissonant in my blissful pastel Heaven. No pastelly yellow. The real deal. Bright and vivid.
This idea has been occupying my mind for a while now; slowly going towards a base of three colours that emphasise and complement each other, yet have a slight feel of clashing. There should always be a clashing dissonant! I’ve been experimenting a lot, especially this month when yellow’s my focus, and the idea is growing on me. Although yellow can be an in-your-face colour, bright as the sun, the colour combines well. It completes my minty-green-and-grey happiness.
When ideas like these take control of my set of brains, I can spend hours in a row online.
Looking for paints and products. Farrow & Ball helped me with this little obsession.

New colour scheme for me?

[ Farrow & Ball’s Babouche Yellow, French Gray and Cooking Apple Green. Those names! I’m in love. What do you think? ]

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