Yellow roses & yellow hearts

This month my focus lies with yellow. Yellow, the colour of… of what exactly? Did you know that in Victorian times yellow roses meant jealousy and infidelity? Giving your love-interest yellow roses wasn’t the wisest of ideas. These days however yellow roses stand for friendship and joy and showing you care. Still, gentlemen, sending the woman of your dreams a bunch of yellow roses – I’d rather not be on the receiving end.I heart yellow hearts
On the other hand, when it comes to hearts, yellow hearts are my favourite. From cutting a heart out of yellow paper to the emoji-heart on my smartie phone, I find a yellow heart sparks even more than a heart covered in glitters. Yellow, gold…close to each other, don’t you think? In my opinion the yellow heart can represent the gold heart. Someone who has a heart of gold is said to be honest and caring. The yellow version of a heart stands for friendship, happiness, a person with a trustful heart.

The yellow heart being my favourite heart, but you may keep the yellow roses yourself.

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