My monthly focus

Starting something and then sticking to it, is not my strongest point. Diaries, sketching practise, cleaning; for a little while I’m all-systems-go! Then, after a week (and sometimes a half more) I get distracted by something else that needs my full commitment.
The idea of focussing on something, from beginning to end, gets my standing ovation. The continuation however… Still, I really would love to prove to myself that I can! Which is why, for a couple of years now, the idea of a focus challenge has been in the back of my mind. I never did though. Until now. Because now I have my readers (hi mum & dad!) whom I cannot let down if I promise to go for it.

During a short course Styling Basics at the Artemis Academy, we had to focus on a colour in the streets for a whole week; what colour did catch our attention in the streets? Orange and fuchsia drew mine. Before you know it, it seems as though every car is orange and all bikes and curtains fuchsia! An amazing little trick of your brain. Try not to think of an elephant. This project was such fun, that ever since I look around and up even more! And I discover things that are worth googling. Or not. Only recently I discovered this funny little creation on a house on the corner of my street:

Adorable teapot on a wall.




[ Adorable, not?
A teapot on the wall.
It probably has been there even long before I moved here.
But I never noticed. ]




Now then. My challenge is going to be monthly, as you may have guessed already after reding the title. The longer I have to focus on something, the more difficult it gets so giving myself only a week would in itself be cheating. So it’s going to be a whole month. The things I want to focus on are of such a variety, there is no connection. I will not be spamming you until you’re dying with boredom, I simply will sometimes post pictures or write down some figments on the theme. In September my focus challenge will be about yellow. It’s a colour I love but somehow underestimate, so I’m going give it my full attention. But in October I might as well focus on toes or money or, well who knows…

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