Hi there – welcome to my Confetti Cave!

With Confetti In Your Face I aspire to colour the world a bit brighter, more colourful and positive.

The products I design are made with that in mind, the pieces I write are written with that in mind: pointing out the beauty in and around us, you, me. My believe is that everyone can and should be living a playful, thoughtful, connected life, embracing empathy! Deep within we’re all empathic and compassionate, after all. Some may have to dig a bit deeper – or very, very deep – to find it, others may take it a little too far by placing everyone in the first place, always putting themselves second (that would be me!). And of course there is the in between, the balance (where I’d like to go). It’s all fine. I want to believe that if we’d all embrace that kind and playful core-being of ours, the world might become a happier place. People may become more caring, less egocentric. Boxes may slowly disappear. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I know I’m not the only one ;-)

With Confetti In Your Face I hope to tickle and awaken that: our empathic selves. And that Inner Child, of course – you and me both know Inner Children should be awoken ;-) Materialised gestures, that’s what I like to call my products. Products that may help and create a little awareness, gifts that say ‘I care about you’ or ‘You make me smile’. Whatever it is you want to say to another person, you cán! By sending a Confetti-card or giving a (custom made) floral collage.

Are you a dreamer too? Looking for a custom made collage maybe? Even if you just want to say ‘hi’ – don’t hesitate to contact me. Connection is my happy! Go to my contact page to get in touch.

Now, before I love and leave you there is one more thing I find worth sharing. One of the most beautiful pieces ever written*, it perfectly points out what a confetti-sprinkler does. I translated it for you and you can read it below. Sit back, it’s a long read but I promise it’s worth it ;-)

Enjoy your visit to my Confetti Cave!

With love and some confetti in your face,

confetti-sprinkler / dreamer / designer / writer / happy-maker

This is me

PS: this is me :-)

Those people have to be

There have to be people
that light the suns,
before the world drowns in rain.
People who fly summer-kites
on an icy Winter’s day
and who sprinkle confetti
amongst the snowflakes

Those people have to be.

There have to be people
who sell ice creams
at the graveyard’s exit
and on the ruins
play the harmonica

There have to be people
who climb their chairs
to put up stars
in the mist

Who make Spring
out of fallen leafs
and out of fallen shadows,

There have to be people
that warm us
and who, in a cloudless sky,
are with their heads in the clouds
so high
they’re skipping ropes
along the rainbow
when someone said:
come here, in my arms.

I wish to belong to such people

Who KEEP ON dancing in the rain at the garden party
even when the musicians have gone home

There have to be people
that on the grey asphalt
in big white letters
write LOVE

People who cut out names
in a tree
full of ripe fruit
because so many others
flee for the butterflies
and throw rocks
to the first signs of Spring-blue
because they’re afraid
of the flowers
and they’re afraid of:
I love you

there have to be people
with tears
like silver beads
that shine in the dark
and greet the morning
when daylight enters in
on tip-toes

You know,
there have to be people
blowing bubbles
and not knowing of time
and who are child-like surprised
about something bursting
with beautiness

They shout from the rooftops
that there is love
and wonder,
when all the others shout:
it’s all so useless
then they keep on shouting:
no, no, this world ain’t going under
and they see in every ending
a brand new begin

They’re a little bit clownish
first comes heart
than follows reason
and they write with their umbrella’s
I love you in the sand
because they totally so
go up in life

and fall
and fall
and fall

and GET UP

It’s that kind of people I wish to belong to
Who KEEP ON dancing in the rain at the garden party
even when the musicians have gone home
the music goes ON
the music goes ON
and ON

*Those people have to be – original Dutch title Er moeten mensen zijn –  by the late Dutch comedian/singer/writer Toon Hermans.


Occasionally a piece may be written in Dutch. That is because Dutch is my native, and so first, language. You can approach these Dutch pieces in several ways:

a) by ignoring it as it’s probably boring
b) seeing it as a project you’re gonna tackle without any translating tools – good for the development of your language skills. My pleasure.
c)opy-pasting it into a translator and ending up with a text that quite probably makes even less sense than the Dutch equivalent. Also a success-guaranteed option.